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Thermal Insulation Low K Dielectrics Adsorption Cooling


NanoCool™ is a revolutionary product developed by NanoPore in conjunction an international consortium of recognized experts in the field of cold-chain logistics. NanoCool™ represents a new way to maintain product temperature during shipment and means that you will never have to freeze coolpacks again. The NanoCool™ cooler (patents pending) can be activated at room temperature, and the method of absorbing heat from the shipper interior is 7 times more efficient than ice. This improved efficiency means that insulated shipping systems will be considerably smaller and lighter, reductions in both volume and weight of up to 75% can be demonstrated on longer duration shippers, a comparative example is shown to the right. Reduced freight costs leading from volume and weight reductions will reduce the overall cost to deliver temperature sensitive products. These physical reductions will also make storing and handling of insulated shipping system easier for everyone in your organization.

The NanoCool™ shipping system will be available in a range of sizes, shipping temperatures, and shipping durations. Initial products will be aimed at the 2-8 °C product range with durations exceeding 48 hours. Depending upon the desired performance specifications, the system may include either closed cell foams (expanded polystyrene or polyurethane) or vacuum insulation and may be encased in range of standard packing materials. For more information on NanoCool™ technology and products, please visit the NanoCool™ website.

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