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has created several products which exploit the unique physical properties of nanoporous materials in various ways. Our current product line includes:

NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation
NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation provides exceptional thermal performance in both vacuum insulation and ambient pressure applications. NanoPore™ HP can provide thermal resistances as high as R40 per inch and can be used at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to several hundred C. NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation has been used in applications ranging from thermal isolation of microelectronics to refrigeration to high temperature, high performance exhaust systems.

NANOGLASS© Low K Dielectric Thin Films
Higher processor speeds, lower power requirements, and less thermal problems than conventional dense dielectrics, via NANOGLASS©. NANOGLASS© is a family of inorganic porous oxide-like Low-k dielectric materials suitable for future applications requiring Ultra Low-k values. Excellent adhesion strength and mechanical properties have been show through direct CMP processing of NANOGLASS© films. Extendibility of the NANOGLASS© family of Low-k dielectrics has been demonstrated with experimental Ultra Low-k (k<2.0) films of k=1.3.

NanoCool™ Cooling Systems
NanoCool™ is a new way to maintain product temperature during shipment and means that you will never have to freeze coolpacks again. The NanoCool™ cooler (patents pending) can be activated at room temperature, and the method of absorbing heat from the shipper interior is 7 times more efficient than ice. This improved efficiency means that insulated shipping systems will be considerably smaller and lighter. Reduced freight costs leading from volume and weight reductions, along with improved logistics, will reduce the overall cost to deliver temperature sensitive products.

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