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Applications of NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation

its development, NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation has been used in a wide variety of insulation applications that require excellent thermal performance, optimum energy efficiency, or minimum insulation thickness. Our insulation has been used in such diverse industries as consumer and industrial appliances, electronics, pharmaceuticals, cryogenics, medical, shipping, energy, aerospace, and automotive. More information on some of these applications is outlined below.

Insulated Shipping Containers

NanoPore™ VIPs and inserts have been used extensively in insulated shipping applications both as single use to replace or supplement to conventional polyurethane (PU) or expanded polystyrene (EPS) shipping systems and in reusable applications. Advantages include reduction in package size/weight, reduced shipping costs and longer product lifetimes. For more informantion on insulated shipping click here

High Temperatures

NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation can continue to provide superior thermal performance at temperatures as high as 800C in some circumstances. High temperature applications include insulation of exhaust systems and reactors, or to protect sensitive electronic components. More information on high temperature uses of NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation can be found here.


Another area in which NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation and VIPs excel is at temperatures far below ambient. Cryogenic applications such as insulation of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and liquefied natural gas are natural applications for the use of NanoPore™ based insulation because of the very high temperature driving forces between ambient temperature and the liquid temperature. Information on cryogenic uses of NanoPore™ insulation products can be found here.

Pipes and Pipeline

NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation and VIPs can be formed to insulate pipe and tubing applications. Due to geometric considerations the effect of improved thermal performance is magnified in these uses. Applications from industrial process tubing to oil pipelines to hot/cold water piping have been explored using this technology. Pipeline application information can be found here.


Thermal management issues arise as the performance and density of electronics continues to increase. Shrinking dimensions increased demand for thermal stability require even higher performance insulation. NanoPore™ based insulation products can be an excellent solution to these issues and others arising in today's electronics.

Because our NanoPorel based products offer thermal conductivities 12 times lower than fiberglass and 7 times lower than foam-based insulation, thermal performance is increased and insulation volume can be drastically reduced. VIPs for electronics can be produced with dimensions as small as 40mm x 40mm x 3mm, with smaller panels possible if the specific application warrants.

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